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Webinar – Who knew a portal could do so much?

Does the following problem sound familiar to you? You are dealing with tens, maybe hundreds, or even thousands of suppliers, partners, or retailers, who like their own way of sharing data. Do they use different formats, Excel sheets, and names for attributes?  Imagine if that were all made simpler. If all the information you needed … Read more



Webinar – Sharing only perfect, complete, and validated product data

Discover proven methods to validate, approve and share your product data. Generating product information for a new product, or revising information of an existing product, can be an exhausting burden. Responsibilities and information are shattered across the organization, without a clear view of what’s where. Often, companies trying to achieve product data excellence find themselves … Read more


Webinar: Poor data quality is costly

How to achieve and maintain product data excellence Are you struggling to achieve optimal data quality within your organisation? Achieving product data excellence is one thing, but maintaining may be an even harder job to do. Did you know that according to Gartner’s research, poor product data quality is costing organisations on average 12.9 million … Read more


Een PIM voor het bouw- en installatiebedrijf

Bent u een leverancier in de bouw- en installatiebranche en vindt u het een uitdaging om te beginnen met publiceren van productinformatie naar een data pool? Door het gebruik van de GS1 en 2BA data pool profiteert elke schakel in de keten van betere productinformatie. Betere geïnformeerde commerciële beslissingen leiden tot minder fouten, minder kosten … Read more


Working with GDSN data, GS1 standards, LIR and MDR

Since January 1, 2020, the National Implant Register expects every hospital in the Netherlands to have a complete data file available for every implant. And from May 26, 2021, the rules of the Medical Device Regulation must be complied with. These far-reaching changes require organizations to make many adjustments, whereby working with data from GDSN … Read more

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