Webinar – Manage your product data efficiently with Classifications & Inheritance

Watch this webinar where we will delve into the essential aspects of product information management and optimization.

Join us for an interactive session where our Product Owner Paul Laan shows you how to efficiently manage your product data with Classification & Inheritance functionality.

In this webinar, we discuss how to:

• Improve your data quality and consistency in less time: Learn effective strategies and tools to streamline the enhancement of data quality, ensuring that your information is not only accurate but also consistent across your product catalog.

• Create your own classifications: Discover the power of creating personalized classifications tailored to meet your specific business needs;

• Manage data where it should be managed: Maximize your efficiency and quality control by making data adjustments within the classification functionality, instead of making individual changes to each article;

• Let inheritance do the work for you: Discover the concept of data inheritance and how inheritance will help you automate and simplify product information management tasks;

• Enter data once, first time right: Uncover the benefits of entering data accurately from the outset, minimizing errors and optimizing efficiency throughout the entire data lifecycle.

In this webinar, SRC’s PIM Product Owner Paul Laan provides a live demo on how SRC PIM helps our customers to get their product information perfectly structured thanks to Classifications & Inheritance. Don’t miss out, watch it here now.

Meet the speaker – Paul Laan – Product Owner

Paul is celebrating his 15th year with SRC in 2023 so we can safely say Paul knows our PIM like the back of his hand. Paul will take you through a 30-minute tour of what it means to get your product information absolutely right with the help of PIM software.

Paul L - Circle