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In SRC-PIM, products can be located efficiently using the filter feature. However, there are situations where you require more than just that.

Consider the following scenarios:

  • You operate a fashion retail business and need to identify all the blue coats in your collection.
  • You’re a manufacturer specializing in bolts and screws, and you need a clear overview of all the 18mm bolts in your catalog.
  • You’re in the food manufacturing industry and want to identify which products in your range are sugar-free.

In each of these cases, you could use filters to locate your products within SRC-PIM. Nevertheless, there may be instances when you prefer to have these categorizations readily available in your catalogs as a folder structure that can be easily accessed.

Furthermore, by having these catalog subdivisions available on-demand, you can effortlessly perform tasks such as exporting, importing, reviewing, managing, and mass-updating attributes associated with the products in that specific folder.

Classifications are also available for your DAM catalogue.

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