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Electronic Data Interchange, for decades the leading standard for the electronic exchange of data between companies, used in industries such as food, fashion, construction, DIY, installation & logistics.

Enabling companies worldwide to drive business, automate business transactions and processes, EDI makes sure your business documents arrive at the right destination with the speed of light.

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange


B2B-Connect allows all parties in the value chain to send and receive trade documents, removing the complexity from your own organization and making sure the right documents arrive at the right recipient, in a secure and fast way. 


E-businessnet is the ideal and unique solution for wholesalers and suppliers in the food sector in the Netherlands & Belgium. E-businessnet is praised for its ease of use and allows wholesalers to send orders to suppliers, using an ERP-integration or through the E-businessnet web portal.

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

Some key figures


Wholesalers & 150 suppliers using our E-businessnet solution in the Benelux


Million EDI transactions every year


More than 85% of business and electronic transactions are utilizing EDI


Years of experience

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange


Kaptein, an international player in cheese and butter, uses B2B-Connect for order processing. 

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

Drankenhandel Nico Elings

From processing orders manually to full automatic order processing, using the integrated solution in SRC and KICK-ICT 

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange


Creative all-rounder AVEC automates order- en billing because of B2B-Connect

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

Our ERP partners

We integrate our EDI solutions with, among others, the following ERP partners:

  • 7T Software
  • Advisor (Match-Online)
  • Aptean
  • Axians
  • Claever
  • Kick-ICT (Prox ERP)
  • Reflex

Do you use a different ERP system? Contact us, we have connected our EDI solutions to many other ERP platforms.