Extend your core PIM functionality

PIM features

Customize your PIM environment with our plug-and-play features

PIM features

Our Product Data Excellence platform offers a PIM solution to facilitate product information management within your organization. The platform is set up with a core solution and additional modules to provide extra functionality tailored to every organization’s needs.

Our core platform

The hearth of our PIM software allows you to implement the basic features required to facilitate the core process of product information data flow.  

We start with a blank piece of paper and from there on out our consultants tailor the PIM environment to your specifications and wishes, including the data model you would wish to use. This includes off-the-shelf available models such as GS1, your own templates, or a combination. When the handover from staging to live environment happens, you will have everything ready to go. 

PIM features
PIM features

What do we provide? 

We provide you with every tool you need to gather, process, enrich and share your data!   

  • Set up a desired data model, including basic workflows for data processing and enrichment 
  • Import of data using the standard Excel, XML templates available 
  • Manual data editing and enrichment 
  • Export possibilities via Excel, ERP, XML, and others 

Additional modules

Data model package

PIM features

Easily comply with and validate your product information against current market standards such as GS1, ETIM, PSinfoodservice, and others.

Data model editor

PIM features

Current market standards are a solid base for good product information, but more often than not, organizations have their own needs as to what information needs to be provided.


PIM features

Tailor the process of information gathering in your organization so every department is responsible and accountable for its part of the item’s information.

Portal application

PIM features

Are you receiving product information from a variety of sources, or from multiple suppliers? With the portal application, you decide what is entered, how, and when.

API Integration

PIM features

We offer integration through a variety of formats, including API calls. Fast, easy, and reliable.

Custom Plug-InS

PIM features

Specific systems sometimes demand specific solutions. We develop custom plug-ins when necessary.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) 

PIM features

DAM, or Digital Asset Management, is a solution for managing and sharing all your digital files in one, organized in a central library.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

PIM features

For security and ease of use purposes, SRC has introduced SSO to customers requesting.

Product images and GS1

Are you aware that since May 2021 GS1 has made it mandatory to provide at least one product image per product via the GS1 data pool, both for new and existing products? 

The explosive growth of E-commerce and the changing online purchasing behavior of the consumer only increases the importance of correct and complete product information. In addition to product details, specifications, and references, the visual aspect is increasingly important. People literally want to see what they are buying, even in 3D or video. Correct imagery is essential. GS1 recognizes this and therefore makes this mandatory as of May ‘21. 


PIM features

DAM, or Digital Asset Management.
What is it, how does it work, and why should your organization have one?  


PIM features

Product information is of the utmost importance nowadays. Learn more about how PIM will become your single source of truth within your organization:


PIM features

Make sure your product images are seen across all channels, just the way you want them to be seen, by publishing your assets according to the GS1 requirements. Learn more in our blog:

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