DAM Digital Asset Management

DAM, or Digital Asset Management, is a solution for managing and sharing digital files; Breaking it down, we could say a DAM-system is a way of organizing all your images, videos, brochures, leaflets, product designs, print-ready files and user manuals into one, organized central library. 

This means: 

  • No more files scattered all over the organization 
  • No more time wasted looking for that one right file, in the right format, size or color. 
  • No more colleagues asking where to find a file and searching for hours 
DAM Digital Asset Management

Often, you’ll see that a DAM-system is separately used from a PIM-system, which is not ideal. Why would you manage, operate and pay for two systems when you can have it all-in-one? Another problem is: how will you get your digital files published to and validated against the GS1 data pool? 

Our DAM-module integrates seamlessly with the PIM solution on our PDE platform, allowing you to manage product images and efficiently link them to consumer units according to the requirements set by, for instance, GS1.