Data Model Package & Editor

Data model package

Good data quality relies on data validation. Using SRC Pim’s data model package, you unlock the core capability of our PIM solution: integrated data standard compliancy. Publish seamlessly to the data pools of GS1, ETIM, PSF in foodservice and others. The data model package grants access to the relevant data model, with all requirements, rules and validations, including continuous updates. 

First Time Right 

Regardless of which data model you would choose to use, its full fletched integration in SRC-PIM guarantees your data is always validated against the latest requirements and market data standards.  

Data Model Package & Editor

This means your information will be validated on entry and not be shared with any data pool unless your data is complete and correct. 

Data model configuration

Data model configuration and support are at the heart of what we do. Upon delivering your project, we configure and implement a finished data model that fits your business processes and requirements. However, we can imagine changing circumstances can lead to the need for changes, edits, and modifications in your data model including the (business) rules and validations.

Using the data model editor, you can make any changes at any given moment without the interference of a consultant. Full unlimited access to your own data model is guaranteed.

When opting for this module, we always recommend accompanying training from our consultants to fully understand the implications of making changes to your data model. 

Data Model Package & Editor
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