HENDI – Publishing product data to GS1

HENDI - Publishing product data to GS1

HENDI is the supplier of cooking equipment, kitchen tools, cutlery, serving and buffet items for the hospitality industry. Since its foundation in 1934, HENDI has grown into an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong.

HENDI’s core activities are the development, production, sale and distribution of a wide range of catering supplies and kitchen equipment. The assortment consists of more than 4000 articles that have been put together for the professional catering market. Whether it concerns basic material or specialist articles, HENDI can offer you a total package in every situation and knows what the professional user is looking for.

HENDI’s customers find it extremely important that we can publish data in the GS1 standard. “Our customers simply do not include products in their collection if SRC does not publish these to GS1.” Learn how SRC supports Hendi in solving that challenge.

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