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The essential EDI solutions for food wholesalers and suppliers (outside the home) in Belgium and the Netherlands

An easy-to-use platform that allows wholesalers to send orders to suppliers

Suppliers can use the platform to send order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices to the wholesaler.

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E-businessnet is a unique solution for wholesalers and suppliers in the food sector in the Netherlands & Belgium. Within this sector, a situation had arisen in which the big (often multinational) suppliers had their own EDI solutions, but a large part of their customers did not. These customers, who were mostly wholesalers placing a few individual orders at a time, were a huge burden on the back office of those suppliers. For wholesalers, on the other hand, and mostly due to that small volume of orders, the costs of regular EDI solutions were disproportionate to the benefits. 

As a solution to this situation, in 2013 E-businessnet was launched. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows wholesalers to send orders to suppliers. Thanks to a integration between the ERP system and E-Businessnet they can send orders directly from their own ERP, or if they prefer using the E-businessnet web portal.

The platform also allows suppliers to send order confirmations, packing slips and invoices to the wholesaler. Before, this was all done by telephone, fax or e-mail, but now that was no longer necessary. Eliminating the manual work also limited the margin of error and saved a lot of time. 


Easily Exchange EDI messages

E-businessnet is a great solution for both wholesalers and suppliers. The wholesaler does not have to invest in his own solution and the supplier has access to a large market of 300 affiliated wholesalers in the Netherlands and Belgium for a relatively small contribution. E-businessnet can link to any existing EDI- solution the supplier may have.

Thanks to E-businessnet, wholesalers can now easily and efficiently exchange EDI messages with more than 150 suppliers in the Netherlands and Belgium.