PIM in Healthcare

GS1 Healthcare dataflow

Safety and traceability are among the largest concerns in the healthcare industry and it’s radically shifting the way the industry is working with product data. On the one hand, there’s a legal push from both the Dutch and European governmental bodies requiring hospitals and care institutions to receive product data, as specified in the (GDSN) GS1 Healthcare data pool, and process this data within their internal systems.

PIM in Healthcare

And on the other, some organizations are pioneering in their field, such as the United States Agency for International Development, to name one. New to working with product data standards? Download our White Paper “Publishing data to a GS1 data pool, how does it work?”.

For many healthcare organizations and medical companies, both on the supplier side and on the purchasing side, it is a challenge to retrieve product data from this data pool and send product data to that same data pool. SRC can help with that. After all, we have been providing this service for more than thirty years to our various customers in the Food and DIY industries.

Our PIM allows you to send or receive GDS / GS1-Healthcare data fully automated. If necessary, this data can be enriched within SRC-PIM and (automatically) exported to and from target systems. The data model is fully compliant with the GS1 data quality rules and attributes for the healthcare market (GS1-Health data model). This data model lets you quickly manage your data, publish or receive data in the correct format and pass it on to other internal target systems.

PIM in Healthcare


How to work with GDSN data, GS1 standard, LIR and MDR regulation.

PIM in Healthcare


Learn how to work with data standards by using data(work) flow.

PIM in Healthcare


The importance of correct product data in the healthcare industry.

Because SRC-PIM also checks whether product data meets the validation rules of GS1 and our own additional validation rules, we also know for sure that only approved product data is included in the ERP systems. For us, that’s a very important quality check.

– Yolanda Bokking, NFU