Product Data Excellence

In today’s world, data quality is of the utmost importance. With a wider variety of sales channels, more demanding consumers, growing e-commerce sales, and tightening legislation, good data quality is the key to convincing your audience to buy your product. 

At the same time value chains are getting more and more complex. A multitude of suppliers, partners, channels, and data standards and formats make it very complex to manage the flow of product data in a correct and efficient way. Incorrect or missing product information can have a serious impact on your organization resulting in a negative customer experience, decline of customer satisfaction, loss of revenue, an increase in costs, or in extreme cases legal implications. 

The Product Data Excellence platform of SRC will help you manage your product information data flow within your own organization, but also to cooperate with your eco-system partners. Our platform supports you in all five aspects of the product data value chain.

The gathering, processing, enrichment, and sharing of product information all happens in one place, and by continuously validating the data with public standards and your own customizable business rules, you can be assured your data is always right. Let’s dive into the details. 

Product Data Excellence
Product Data Excellence
Product Data Excellence


We begin by gathering all different details of your product and upload them into the database. Whether you are a manufacturer and create most data internally, or a retailer who receives all information from your suppliers from different sources, files, formats and methods: the process of gathering all relevant product information is a challenge for every company. 

SRC will help you simplify and automate the process of gathering all relevant data, regardless of the source and format in an efficient way and create your single source of truth of your product information. 

Product Data Excellence


Throwing all your product data at a system is one thing. But how do you handle different information from different sources for a single product. We call this process blending: blend product data from multiple sources, based on your own validation and business rules, into one golden record.  

Using our standardization, de-duplication and validation tools, you’re ensured of getting the highest data quality that serves as a basis for further enrichment of your product information. 

Product Data Excellence


By using the GS1 and 2BA data pool, every link in the construction and installation chain benefits from better product information.

This way, your product will come out perfectly both at the installer and at the hardware store. This webinar was conducted in Dutch.

Product Data Excellence


The process of enrichment contains adding the missing product details, required by your customers and partners. In most companies, this process is handled by a multitude of people and departments, which complicates matters intensively. 

SRC’s Product Data Excellence platform aligns all stakeholders and organizes the process in such a manner that they do not frustrate each other by entering incorrect, different, or even contradicting information.  

We combine this workflow functionality with automatic data validation rules such as GS1, ETIM, or your own business rules, guiding your stakeholders step by step through which information in which format is required for which channel. This combination will ensure your data will be of the required quality to bring it to any marketplace. Make it First Time Right! 

Product Data Excellence


Our platform seamlessly connects you with all your channels, including data pools, e-commerce, marketplaces, online retailers, distributors. Deliver the correct data to the correct customer in the blink of an eye, according to the requirements as set by you, the market, and your clients.  

Now you can share it with the world.  

Product Data Excellence

Continuous validation

Exchanging faulty data back-and-forth is a true headache for everyone in the supply chain.  SRC’s Product Data Excellence platform is configured in such a way that during each step of the product data flow your data is validated and checked on all set requirements.  

Global data standards like GS1 or ETIM are fully integrated in our solution, but validation rules are not limited to those standards. You can set up your own (additional) validation rules to ensure your data is always right. 

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