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Customer in the spotlight: HENDI

HENDI is the supplier of cooking equipment, kitchen tools, cutlery, and serving and buffet items for the hospitality industry. Since its foundation in 1934, HENDI has grown into an international company with offices in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy, and Hong Kong.

HENDI’s customers find it extremely important that we can publish data in the GS1 standard. “Our customers simply do not include products in their collection if SRC does not publish these to GS1.” Learn how SRC supports Hendi in solving that challenge.

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Our Customers

Reference cases

Our Customers


Jumbo is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands. Jumbo holds a huge inventory of food and non-food items. The volume of data that needs to be collated is immense. A supplier portal turned out to be the solution Jumbo was looking for.

“We went to SRC for one solution and they provided a whole host of benefits that went beyond our expectations. They are able to see the bigger picture and the knock-on benefits of the solutions they

Our Customers


Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas GAMMA and KARWEI. Confronted with tons of suppliers delivering product information in all sizes and formats, Intergamma decided to adopt PIM to receive and process all product information via the GS1 DAS data pool.

“We have chosen for PIM software from SRC because it is a reliable product with a proven track record”

Our Customers


AVEC is a creative factory designing and producing hundreds of different products for retail chains. AVEC specializes in hobby materials, (children’s) arts & crafts, stationery, back to school, home, gifts, and party items.

“Retyping a customer’s order is time-consuming and error-prone work. You quickly notice the benefits EDI brings”

What our customers say

Our Customers

Nedac Sorbo

“For category specialists like us, working with correct and complete data is our license to operate.”


“We experienced our cooperation during the implementation phase as very pleasant. SRC listens well to our challenges and provides quick feedback.”

Nico Elings

“A very good system. Purchase orders are easily and automatically forwarded to the vendors.”


“A digital order that
was immediately
read in, checked,
and put through to
production: a great


“Previously, it only became clear much later in the process that a message had failed because the content of the message was not correct. Now we can intervene immediately when something is not going well, which of course works more efficiently.”

Ahold Delhaize

“Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall have been using SRC-PDM and the support of SRC for years to their full satisfaction.”


“Retyping customers’ orders is time-consuming and prone to errors. We quickly saw the benefits of EDI by SRC”

Martens kunststoffen

“SRC was the only party that could offer a PIM in which we could validate and publish according to both GS1 and the ETIM classication”