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B2B-Connect, SRC’s EDI solution

The largest retailers, including supermarkets, require suppliers to support EDI to send their business documents. In Europe, the EDI messages in FMCG and logistics are mainly exchanged in the EDIFACT format, and communication is mainly via AS2, X400, or SFTP. 

B2B-connect is the solution to receive and send messages between all parties. As a cloud SaaS solution, B2B-connect removes the complexity from within your own company and IT scope. You can rely on the expertise of the specialists at SRC to manage, maintain and support your EDI environment.

When it comes to handling your business documents, security is at the top of the priority list. We assure the message exchange between your company and your trading partners is secure. The data servers we use are certified for this purpose. This way you can be sure that your information is handled with care.

In the B2B-Connect Message Tracker, you can also track whether your EDI messages have been sent correctly and received by the other party. 

An EDI message is always addressed. In addition to translating the various commercial documents, SRC B2B-connect ensures that the message is delivered to the right party. In other words, B2B-connect ensures that EDI messages such as orders, order confirmations, packing slips, and invoices – in EDI terms, ORDERS, APERAK, DESADV, and INVOIC – are exchanged throughout the chain. 

The EDI messages that B2B-Connect receives or sends are translated and automatically read into your own ERP by using the right mapping, as shown in the diagram below. On the left, we have the inbound side, on the right everything is on the sales side of the company. 

How B2B-Connect helps you and your suppliers


How B2B-Connect helps you and your customers


Retailers, wholesalers, and logistics service providers can send messages to each other in all kinds of formats such as EDIFACT, DICO (Sales in the Building industry), XML (UBL), ANSI X12, Tradacom, where SRC’s B2B-Connect acts as a translator. Even if your business partners are in another industry or if they have to comply with a different GS1 standard, B2B-Connect is connecting the value chain.

What’s happening?


Customer case

Kaptein, an international player in butter & cheese, uses B2B-Connect to digitalize its order-to-cash process.


Customer case

Creative all-rounder AVEC automates order and invoice processing thanks
to B2B-Connect.



By now, you’ll know that EDI saves time, money, optimizes your order-to-cash processes, and is fast & secure. But here are 4 other benefits of EDI you probably never knew.

Web EDI or integrated EDI?

Often we are asked the question: does my company benefit more from a Web EDI or an ERP integrated EDI package? For many entrepreneurs, the Web EDI seems to be the most attractive option. The speed of commissioning and the lower costs quickly seduce.

But there’s a downside. Web EDI is a short-term solution, often it is forgotten that with a web solution the integration is not complete. When you receive a message from a customer, you still have to manually enter the data into your own back-office (ERP) system. With Web EDI, systems do not communicate directly with each other.

With an ERP integrated EDI solution this all changes. Here, systems are fully integrated with each other and can also communicate with 3rd party Web EDI systems. This translates into extremely faster and easier handling of messages for our customers. Receiving an order containing 50 lines? It no longer requires any manual work and is processed automatically into your ERP or back-office system! Due to the reduced manual work, the margin of error is greatly reduced, while processing speed and convenience increase significantly.