On-premise solutions

What route to take? On-premise or SaaS?

EDI solutions are either an “integrated EDI” (automatic, on premise or in the cloud: SaaS) or a “web solution” (manual). Which EDI solution you choose is up to you, regardless of the system your trading partner works with. EDI is independent of technology or computer systems.

However, nowadays the most chosen solution is ERP integrated EDI. Then the questions remains whether to choose for On-premise or SaaS. 

If you are not able to or do not wish to invest in building (and maintaining) the required expertise or maintenance capacity for the necessary infrastructure, a SaaS solution is the most logical choice. Otherwise on-premise can be considered. 

We often see that companies have a structured approach to implement a new technology within the company but that they lack a clear approach on driving acceptance and maintaining the required skill-level of the new technology. Think, for example, of system maintenance and the permanent education of your employees because of changing technology. On average, one or two people are responsible for EDI within a company. When they would leave your company or are incapacitated due to illness or any other reason, this immediately causes a serious issue for your company. This can be prevented by choosing for the SRC B2B-connect solution and outsourcing your EDI to SRC.

SRC does not offer B2B-connect in an on-premise variant. If you have a strong preference for on-premise EDI solutions we can offer and service two different partner solutions. Please contact us for further information.

On-premise solutions
On-premise solutions
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