Publish product images to GS1 with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

From the 10th of August, GS1 will make the use of product images mandatory. Publishing product information to the GS1 datapools is only possible when you attach images to your products. This means that you need the tools to manage and publish digital images. This blog gives you more insight into the new rules set by GS1 and how digital asset management helps you efficiently publish product images to the GS1 data pools.

Are you ready for efficiently managing and publishing product images to GS1?

We reported earlier that GS1 would make it mandatory for suppliers to add product images to their product data. Since this month, GS1 already gives you a warning when your product data does not include a product image. However, from August 2019, product data that does not contain a product image will be marked as invalid by GS1. This could have serious consequences for your organization, as retailers can refuse your products when you don’t meet the requirements of the GS1 standard.

We recommend that you don’t wait until August to take the right precautions because it takes time to create, process and publish product images. Suppliers who take action today will not only be ahead of their competitors but will also present themselves better to their retailers and on online channels.

Digital Asset Management and SRC-PIM

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a solution for managing, editing and sharing digital files like images, documents, videos or presentations. It can also be used to manage and publish product sheets that are mandatory from a regulatory perspective like the Declaration of Performance (DOP). As GS1 is going to make the use of product images mandatory, DAM will become a core part of product data management. To ensure your product data in the GS1 data pools has a product image attached, you will need a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Preferably a DAM system that connects with your PIM-system and more importantly, sync with the GS1 data pools.

SRC-PIM has an integrated DAM-module which allows you to manage product images and efficiently link them to consumer units. The DAM-module is also connected with the GS1 datapools which means that the DAM module automatically maps the correct data to the right attributes in the PIM-system according to the GS1 standard (e.g. public URL, file type, size and format). When you upload your data to GS1, the DAM-module ensures that a product image is uploaded as well, which means your data is valid within the new validations that will go into effect from August.

Learn more about our DAM module

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