Webinar: E-businessnet, the indispensable solution for food suppliers in the Benelux!

Did you know that 150 suppliers and 300 food service wholesalers in the Netherlands and Belgium already use E-businessnet to exchange orders, packing slips, invoices and more fully automatically?

They do this because E-businessnet provides wholesalers with an easily accessible way to order via EDI, and because suppliers can achieve a high level of efficiency at a low cost. The advantages for your administration are numerous: by virtually eliminating manual work, fewer errors are made, less time is needed to process everything, and therefore less costs are involved. Moreover, wholesalers are easily linked to you. Automated & standardized communication is the way to keep your administration running smoothly.

Do you want to know more? On Thursday 31 March at 3 pm we organized a live webinar in which we let E-businessnetuser Vrumona have their say.

  • Why they started E-businessnet;
  • What benefits they and their customers have experienced from this;
  • How easy it is to link customer & suppliers;
  • How E-businessnet works for them, and how they have set it up.

Curious whether one of your customers is connected to E-businessnet for the EDI exchange? Contact us for the list of affiliated wholesalers.