Webinar – Get your product data flow right: the benefits of PIM software

Are you ready to reach perfection when it comes to your product data? It’s time to start by incorporating workflow in your product information management processes.

In this webinar, SRC’s PIM Product Owner Paul Laan provides a live demo on how SRC PIM helps our customers to get their product data perfect, validated against current data standards, so our customers can confidently share it with every possible target market, data pool, customer, and/or other systems, etcetera. Don’t miss out, watch it here now.

Meet the speaker – Paul Laan – Product Owner

Paul is celebrating his 15th year with SRC in 2023 so we can safely say Paul knows our PIM like the back of his hand. Paul will take you through a 30-minute tour of what it means to get your product information absolutely right with the help of PIM software.

Paul L - Circle