SRC-PIM & A.I. Product Update

Artificial Intelligence here, ChatGPT there – just like you, we’re overwhelmed with suggestions on how AI can boost our daily productivity. But we didn’t just talk about it; we took action. We’ve integrated AI into our SRC-PIM software, delivering real, measurable workload reductions for our customers.

This frees up their time for more important tasks. We’re excited to showcase this and other enhancements to our PIM software at our upcoming PIM & AI Product Update webinar.

So if you’re:

  • Interested in exploring the AI functionalities we’ve implemented and seeing them in action?
  • Keen to dive into the future enhancements to our Workflow and Portal modules?
  • Curious about what’s next on our PIM development roadmap?

Check out this webinar! This session, delivered in English, promises a concise yet comprehensive overview in just 20 minutes. We capped it off with a live Q&A, ensuring no one left without all of their questions unanswered.