Webinar – Who knew a portal could do so much?

Does the following problem sound familiar to you? You are dealing with tens, maybe hundreds, or even thousands of suppliers, partners, or retailers, who like their own way of sharing data. Do they use different formats, Excel sheets, and names for attributes? 

Imagine if that were all made simpler. If all the information you needed were in one place, correct and validated because it’s delivered according to the data model you created? This is what we achieve for our customers who use our portal functionality. With a portal in place, you control your data, at the source.

Watch this webinar and find out:

  • How can a supplier-, retailer- or partner portal benefit your product information processes;
  • How do the user interfaces look? How is data validated before I receive it? 
  • How supermarket chain Jumbo uses the supplier portal functionality and ended up with happier suppliers, happier customers, and happier colleagues! 

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