A sustainable transition fueled by data: the Digital Product Passport and SRC-PIM

Back by popular demand, and now in English: our webinar with Digital Product Passport specialists Cirmar. 

Sustainability and the circular economy are hot topics. Consumers demand transparency, and scarcity of materials means that it is already worth taking steps on these topics. This often involves emissions, in particular CO2. Another reason why we need a solution: how will you, as a company, calculate those emissions?

In addition, the European Union will require companies to provide their products with a Digital Product Passport (DPP). All relevant data should be easily available and accessible to customers. And that’s why it’s worth getting started with the Digital Product Passport now.

But how do you get started with the Digital Product Passport?

To provide an answer to this question, Cirmar & SRC organized the webinar ‘A sustainable transition fueled by data: the Digital Product Passport and SRC-PIM’ on April 18th at 12.00.

SRC System Integrators, which specialises in PIM software, helps customers process, enrich and distribute product information. Cirmar developed C_passport®, a digital product passport used in various sectors.

The cooperation between SRC and Cirmar offers our customers an obvious added value: use the information from your PIM system and link it with Cirmar, so you can roll out the DPP at scale, create value for your company as well as your customer, and meet the new market requirements.

So if you are curious about:

  • How SRC-PIM can help you centralise your product information
  • What creating a Digital Product Passport entails
  • How SRC and Cirmar can help you get started…

Join us and find out!

This webinar is a repetition in English of the previously conducted webinar in Dutch ‘Data als bron voor duurzame transitie: C_passport® en SRC-PIM’. Watch this webinar here.