SRC System Integrators is now GS1 Solution Partner for Germany

“Good and reliable product information is the core of what we do and what our customers demand. That is why SRC has been a GS1 Solution Partner in the Benelux for many years now. I’m excited to say we can extend this commitment to Germany now.” says Paul Thomassen Cremers, CEO of SRC System Integrators.

GS1’s Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is the world’s largest product data network. The GS1 data standard is already widely used in the Netherlands by the food and drugstore, DIY, garden and animal, healthcare and fashion sectors. Agreements are made per sector about which product information is required for the exchange. These agreements result in the GDSN data models which are continuously updated in SRC’s PIM software. This way, SRC can guarantee their customers that their data is checked against the latest data standards before it is shared with the market.

As GS1 Germany Solution Partner, SRC System Integrators supports the GS1 DACH data model and follows up the local data requirements for the DACH-market. GS1 Germany Solution Partners ensure the successful implementation of the GS1 standards in practice. With their specialized know-how, they develop individual solutions for your project or industry. They accompany their customers on the path to digital transformation and create the foundation for efficient, innovative and sustainable processes.

The GS1 Solution Partner Program is a network of member companies who are trusted strategic partners with services, hardware, software, business intelligence and database applications that can help our community maximize the adoption and use of GS1 Standards quickly and efficiently.

“Our customers simply do not include products in their collection if we do not publish these to GS1.”

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SRC System Integrators is now GS1 Solution Partner for Germany

At SRC we know very well that when you get your product information absolutely right and you are able to maintain product data perfection, organizations gain a competitive advantage and sets them up for success.

Good product information is essential to doing business and to access a large market of buyers who wouldn’t buy your product if they didn’t have the full scale of information needed to make a buying decision.

With the incorporation of the German GDSN data model into SRC PIM, this means our customers doing business in Germany now can sleep soundly knowing their information is reaching their buyers seamlessly and correct. No more back-and-forth via e-mail, fax, or telephone needed.

Because the GDSN data model is updated in your PIM SaaS environment, you avoid unpleasant surprises when the newest data model is announced. And thanks to our data quality dashboard, it’s easy to pinpoint where your product information needs some (re)work. With our mass update functionality, it’s easy to correct the fields of all of your articles at the same time.

SRC System Integrators is now GS1 Solution Partner for Germany

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About SRC

SRC System Integrators is a solution provider offering EDI and PIM products to the B2B market, focusing on the retail, food, DIY and healthcare industries in Europe.

Good, reliable product information is at the core of what we do. Quality comes first, that’s why SRC-PIM is always compliant with market data standards issued by GDSN, GS1 Food, GS1 DIY, GS1 Health, PS in foodservice and 2BA ETIM.

With our 30 years of experience with these market data standards, we can quickly process new data models in our software and keep them up to date at all times, currently serving more than 500 customers across Europe. True to our ‘First Time Right’ principle, our customer’s product data information will always be validated to comply with the applicable market standards before publishing to the market. SRCPIM is the single source of truth for the entire organization regarding product data.

SRC System Integrators is located in Hoorn, the Netherlands. We develop and implement our own high-end niche PIM software and serve large international customers and A-brands like PepsiCo and Ahold.

About GS1

GS1 is a neutral, global collaboration platform that brings industry leaders, government, regulators, academia, and associations together to develop standards-based solutions to address the challenges of data exchange.

The GS1 barcode launched a digital revolution that forever changed the way the world does business. With a simple scan a product could be identified and connected to a computerized system.

GS1 empowers industry’s digital transformation by enabling businesses to create a digital version of a product that is as good as the physical one. Ultimately, consumers and patients will benefit from increased product transparency and the seamless experiences that this brings.