What is Declaration of Performance (DoP)?

On January 1st, 2024, the Quality Assurance Act will gradually take effect, this means that manufacturers of construction products will have to provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for their products. In this blog, you will read what a DoP is, what consequences it will have, and how you can create a DoP with the help of SRC PIM.

What is DoP?

DoP is also known as a Performance Declaration, it is a document used in the construction industry. It is part of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The document is provided by manufacturers of construction products and provides detailed information on the performance of a product concerning essential characteristics, such as fire safety, mechanical resistance, and durability.

The purpose of the DoP is to provide transparency and standardized information to consumers, contractors, building professionals, and other stakeholders so they can make informed decisions based on the performance and characteristics of construction products. It is critical to be well-prepared for this legislation.

What are the consequences for the construction sector?

For the construction sector, the DoP means that manufacturers of construction products covered by the CPR are required to provide a DoP for their products with a construction purpose. The CE marking and declaration of performance allows for buyers to choose the construction products they need. The CE marking is used for manufacturers to declare that their products comply with all applicable EU legislation. Products must be CE-marked before they are placed on the market in the EEA.

DoP allows professionals to compare products based on criteria and ensure that materials meet required standards and specifications. For example, if a contractor needs a beam that can support a certain weight, this is stated in a DoP. The DoP helps promote safety, durability, and quality in the construction industry.

As an importer or distributor, you must ensure that the properties of the product match the DoP. During storage and transport, the characteristics of the construction products cannot change. If this does happen, you must rectify it and notify the Environmental and Transport Inspectorate.

Make a DoP using SRC PIM

Using SRC PIM you can generate a DoP document at the click of a button, after all, the information needed to create a DoP is already in your PIM system! It is very simple, you create a template in SRC-PIM to which you can easily create all DoP statements.

After you have created all DoP statements you can add them to the corresponding product and send them to the respective customer. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can send the DoP declaration in different ways. This can be via e-mail, on paper with the delivery of the product, or as a download from a website. Furthermore, the DoP statements must also contain a unique identification code so that the customer can find the correct DoP belonging to the product via the supplier.

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