Go with the dataflow

When you are you working with GDSN (GS1) or other market standards (e.g. PS in foodservice, ETIM) or planning to do so, you should look into the possibilities of dataflow. What is dataflow? Dataflow is our generic term for a system that ensures that data is published flawlessly to the right channels. This blog explains more about dataflow and why you should use it when working with data standards, such as GS1. 

What is dataflow? 

Large suppliers are often faced with sending product data all over the world to many customers. The problem is that even if you are using GS1 standards, these standards are not worldwide identical. Each country, also called a target market, upholds its standards. These standards also vary per industry within that target market and each target market could hold up to five thousand attributes. 


Working with data standards using data flow.

To publish data to the GS1 data pools, your data must comply to the requirements set by GS1. However, there are other rules than GS1 rules. For example, a large Dutch retailer has introduced their own validation rules, and all suppliers are obliged to submit data according to these validations.

Within the dataflow system, all desired target markets and other data pools can be included as catalogs. Each catalog is maintained within the dataflow system. This means suppliers do not need to worry about sending the right data to the right data pool – this is done automatically. Did you make a mistake which causes your data not to be in line with GS1 or other requirements? Then you will receive a notification from the dataflow system. This ensures that only validated product data are sent to the data pool.


From the customers’ side (e.g. retailers), the interface in the Dataflow system is used to receive the desired product data in the correct format. Customers define which data they would like to receive in their ERP and other systems. All data flows directly from the data pool into the customers’ systems.

Want to see how dataflow works?

Watch our video and learn more about dataflow as a part of your PIM or MDM solution. Learn how it works and how it enables you to work with different data standards.