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  • SRC & Innovadis announce partnership

    SRC & Innovadis announce partnership

    We are proud to announce that SRC System Integrators and Innovadis have reached an agreement and are joining forces as partners. The collaboration originated from the mutual conviction that we can realize a fortification to the existing offer: thanks to Innovadis’ expertise in innovative internet solutions and SRC’s knowledge of PIM software and data standards,…

  • SRC-PIM plugs in with Magento through API

    SRC-PIM plugs in with Magento through API

    Tucked away in SRC’s latest release notes, was the following announcement to be found: SRC-PIM is soon going live with the newly released ability to publish product information to Magento websites. Set to go live for on May 5th 2020, SRC customers will be able to send their product information, including all digital assets, directly to the…