SRC & Innovadis announce partnership

We are proud to announce that SRC System Integrators and Innovadis have reached an agreement and are joining forces as partners. The collaboration originated from the mutual conviction that we can realize a fortification to the existing offer: thanks to Innovadis’ expertise in innovative internet solutions and SRC’s knowledge of PIM software and data standards, we can take integrated solutions to a higher level.

SRC System Integrators

The demand for good, reliable product information is increasing. Now more than ever, customers are orienting online. Good data quality is the key to convince a customer to buy your product. Data quality and optimal data flow are therefore the main focus at SRC. We have been helping our customers with smart Product Information Management solutions for more than thirty years. We help our customers to publish their product information to target markets all over Europe in Food, DIY and, Healthcare. We also meet all data standards such as GS1, 2BA / ETIM, PS in food services. With our Product Information Management (PIM) SaaS solution, you are in control of all phases of product management: collecting, enriching, and publishing. In this way, your SRC PIM functions as a single source of truth for the entire organization.


Innovadis helps its clients in the manufacturing and care industry with smart solutions that contribute to their success. We combine our knowledge of the market and branches with our knowledge of technology. This makes us the knowhow partner of our clients. Our focus is on manufacturers and B2B solutions. In addition to that, Innovadis has demonstrably extensive experience in system integrations, self-service portals, and multichannel commerce.

Our combination

With this partnership, SRC System Integrators and Innovadis combine the power of e-commerce with data quality. In a world where online shopping is increasing, a good online presence with rich content is only gaining importance. Competitiveness is determined by data quality and is therefore the key to future success. SRC and Innovadis offer their customers solutions to take important steps in improving and professionalizing the provision of information. Current information, rapid information provision, and process optimization are paramount. In this way, the customers of SRC and Innovadis always remain at the forefront of their data services towards their own customers.

Innovadis contact:

Marcel Themmen,

SRC System Integrators contact:

Tim Grootendorst, Sales manager,