A PIM for the construction and installation company

Note: this webinar is conducted in Dutch

Are you a supplier in the construction and installation industry and do you find it a challenge to start publishing product information to a data pool?

By using the GS1 and 2BA data pool, every link in the chain benefits from better product information. Better informed commercial decisions lead to fewer errors, less costs and faster growth of your offline sales and your e-commerce. The cost of returned orders and dissatisfied customers cannot be underestimated.

In this webinar, PIM expert Patrick Coester takes you into the world of PIM and how every construction and installation supplier and customer can benefit from PIM.

Watch this webinar and find out how:

  • you enter, validate and publish product information to the 2BA data pool
  • thanks to DAM you can upload product images, link with your products and publish to the data pool or your webshop 

Watch this webinar now and be a frontrunner in product information in the construction and installation industry!