Working at home: share your setup

Sharing your home setup really is something normally only gamer geeks with giant PC’s and illuminating keyboards do. But these aren’t normal times. And so our colleague Max decided to challenge everyone in the company to share their home setup. And that’s exactly what we did. Do you dare to show us yours?

Some of us needed to improvise, like Patrick (photo on the right). “Normally I work at the dining table, but since I am not the only one at home now, I have occupied my youngest daughter’s bedroom” he tells us. Debbie Greene (left) had to improvise a little workplace as well, but at least she’s keeping it healthy! Want a Greene-smoothie? Just ask her for the recipe!

home setup1

The Kitchen
When you like the coziness of the kitchen, with, you know, being close to the coffee machine and all that, you can join our colleagues Bastiaan & Linda. Britta’s working from the kitchen area too, but when she needs some isolation, she prefers to move to the attic. Our lead developer Alex chose the kitchen too, but that doesn’t mean he’s sizing down on his setup apparently.

home setup2

And sometimes you just need to catch a break from all the hard work. So what’s more fun than a furry friend to accompany you? That’s probably what Paul and Pieter had in mind when sharing these. And when you do need to get quiet and overthink your work, what’s better than to look into the garden for some inspiration? At least that’s what we like to think Merijn is doing ????

home setup3

And to finish with, we have the ones who really are the kings of working at home. With either an entire home office to themselves or just a lot of space around them (is… that a car?), they really cannot complain about working from home. I wonder if we’re ever going to see them in the office again? Either way, nice job Emiel, Max, Thierry and Willem!

home setup4

So, we shared our working from home experiences. What’s yours? Share them with us below this LinkedIn post!