Why you need PIM-connect when working with data standards

Most organisations use a PIM-system to publish data to relevant channels and business partners. When working with data standards such as ETIM, GS1 or PS in foodservice, the data in a PIM-system needs to be processed according to the corresponding data model. Data standards are continuously in development and therefore regularly updated. This means the data and data model in your PIM-system will need an update as well.Updating a data model in your PIM-system is proven to be complex, which is not ideal as you want to maintain your data models as efficient as possible. For this reason we developed PIM-connect.

Challenges of working with data models

Most providers of PIM solutions can provide a connection with several data standards that you can use to process your data. Data standard such as GS1 are constantly updating their data models due to new legal demands or requirements from retailers . Suppliers need to follow these data model updates in their PIM systems and provide new data.

Although some providers of PIM-systems offer a connection with different data standards, we often see that they struggle with the maintenance of the corresponding data models. This responsibility is then left to the users. Implementing data model updates is no easy job as an update could contain changes and additions to numerous attributes and validations.

SRC-PIM and PIM connect

Just like any other PIM-system, SRC-PIM offers the possibility to work with data models. However, compared to other PIM-systems, SRC-PIM is the only PIM-system that provides periodic updates for the standard data models that you use.

How does this work? We make sure that all updates from the data standards you use are automatically implemented to the applicable data models in your PIM-system. This is part of a PIM ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) contract. The built in validation function gives you a notification which attributes require your attention. Our PIM connect product facilitates the dataflow from and to your PIM-system and preferred datapools.

This is used already by a number of large other PIM providers. These PIM providers are typically companies with a global product offering and are not able to meet local market demands like a GS1 standard used in The Netherlands for Food, DYI or Health. It just doesn’t fit their business model which is typically based on working with implementation partners that get paid by the hour. This is where our PIM connect offering comes in.

Make sure your data models are up to date

Discover how PIM Connect can support your data management processes. Contact our consultants, learn more about PIM-connect and how it enables you to work efficiently with different data standards.