The 6 most overlooked DAM features

With the DAM module available in SRC-PIM, you can import, organize and export your digital assets and match them with the items you need to publish. Our DAM module has a lot of functionalities which are sometimes easily overlooked but are very useful nonetheless. Let’s have a look at six of them.

1. Tags for automatic asset allocation

Having a DAM module is useful for many reasons, but it’s very easy to lose track of your assets when they aren’t linked to an item. Linking assets to items can be quite time-consuming effort. Therefore, in SRC-PIM’s DAM module, we have Automatic Asset Allocation. When you’re uploading multiple assets and you want to automatically have them sorted in your DAM, you can easily use tags. Fill in the right tag with every asset and those assets will end up in the corresponding subsets. Tags can be entered and set up by the customer. This saves our customers a lot of time with every upload.

2. Customizable public URL

When sharing your digital assets to different web shops or customers, you can have the public URL of your asset adapted for every online store. This may matter to you when you’re changing product ranges or when descriptions of your products may vary depending on what web shop you’re selling them on. With the public URL, you can share your assets with anyone at any given time. It makes your assets visible and retrievable, through publication via data pool and/or Excel or XML.

3. Alternative asset naming

When uploading just one image, it’s possible you would like this one image to be linked to multiple items. This is often the case with ad images containing the mood for the campaign. In the case of a brand of marmalade, this might be a happy family enjoying bread & the advertised product at the breakfast table. When you’re the brand manager, marketeer or product owner of the marmalade product, you only want to upload the image once and link that image to multiple products. When the image is then linked with different products, the URL will be automatically adapted with the GTIN the product is linked to, always directing the receiver to the same image.

When you’d like to send your image to GS1, SRC-PIM will adapt the filename to fit the GS1 standards. And if you’d like to publish your image to a web shop via Magento, the image can keep its original name of marmaladebreakfast.jpeg, for example.

4. Image generator 

To have your images validated against GS1 standards, you will need to deliver your images according to those standards. Luckily, our DAM module offers the functionality of having the image names automatically generated when linking the image to a product. GS1 asset file names are built like this:
[gtin]_[type of file][image from][angle][content of photo][optional extras].[extension].

With every part of that image name having a certain code, I’m sure you’re not enthusiastic about looking up the codes and naming all of your assets yourself.

If you would select an item and link an asset to it, a GS1 file name can be suggested by the media mapping based on the GTIN of the item, combined with the entered GS1 DAM attributes. The file name will also be used in the URL of the item, so that this URL will return this file name when downloaded.

5. Export/transform functionalities

When you need to export assets, SRC-PIM with DAM-module offers the ‘thumbnail-select’ overview functionality which gives you the list of selected items on the right to easily keep track of your export, as seen in the picture below. You can also choose to download your assets in lesser pixels or in a different format. This way, you can download a heavy tiff file as a smaller JPG or PNG.


6. Public asset deadlines

Are you publishing items and their according assets for a limited amount of time, for example seasonal products or items which are only in promotion for a couple of weeks? Then you can easily set up items and their public assets with a ‘deadline’. For example if you’d like your Christmas-inspired shampoo to be available to retail from November 15th to January 1st, or if that cute woolen jumper is only available in the autumn collection, set its availability to only second half of the year.

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