Superunie adam in SRC-PIM

SRC-PIM supports Superunie platform ‘adam

Superunie adam in SRC-PIM

Consumers and retailers alike are always asking for more relevant product information. That’s why GS1 Nederland already introduced additional control measures in the Data Quality 2.0 program. On top of that, Superunie has recently launched their online platform adamadam aims to improve product data for all members of Superunie. Through adam, Superunie offers great insight into data quality from various sources: GS1 Nederland, Nielsen Brandbank and SIM. This way, suppliers can always rely on having the complete picture and that is something vitally important in this day and age.

Adam goes a step further than GS1’s Data Quality 2.0 program, in which seventy fields are physically verified. Adam has around one hundred additional fields and validations that must be correct. These fields and validations are all based on GDSN. Adam provides insight in the data from GDS, GDS Netherlands, GS1 NL Food, Health and Beauty and rules specific to Superunie. 

The SRC Product Information Management (PIM) SaaS solution offers full support of multiple market standards. SRC also supports the ‘adam data model’ in SRC-PIM through validations, which can be made available to any Superunie suppliers. You will be able to see immediately whether your product data meets the requirements set by both Superunie/adam and the Data Quality 2.0 program, and alter the data at its source. Like hitting two birds with one stone! This allows you to be a lot more efficient, since it will no longer be necessary to manually update adam data or even log into adam at all.

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