Publication of dangerous goods conditionally required by GS1 Netherlands

Legislation surrounding the storage, transport, and online sale of products containing hazardous substances is becoming increasingly strict. Because safety is in the interest of the entire chain, retailers and suppliers in the food and drugstore and do-it-yourself, garden and animal industries have agreed to share safety data sheets (SDS) and hazardous substance data via the GS1 data pool.

Already since November 2019 it is mandatory to enter dangerous goods information in GDSN, if this applies to a product. The GS1 documentation stated that these fields were optional and are now marked in the newest release as ‘conditionally required’, going live May 9th. You can see which fields it concerns here (in Dutch).

How can I comply with these requirements?

To fulfill the obligations your customers as a supplier, you will have to make safety information available to your customers. Previously, you may have just done this via e-mail, but this method is no longer sufficient. With the DAM module of SRC-PIM you can easily provide your SDS sheets in PDF to all your customers. In the DAM module you can easily and quickly upload your SDS sheets and assign them to items that you then send to your customers.

Do these requirements apply to me?

To determine if you need to publish information on hazardous materials, GS1 has published a short questionnaire (in Dutch) to sort that out. On top of that, Ahold Delhaize, A.S. Watson, Jumbo, and Superunie request their suppliers to record hazardous material data and the associated safety data sheets in the GS1 data pool as soon as possible. So do you supply products that fall under dangerous substances regulations such as Reach, ADR, and CLP? Then make sure you have entered the data on time.

Do you need more information?

For more information about the DAM module and how to publish your product information correctly, you can always contact your account manager. Please contact us to comply with the GS1 requirements on time.