PIM: SaaS vs. On Premise? Discover the benefits for your company

In an ever changing world, data models and their validations keep changing continuously. This was demonstrated again recently when the GS1 Data Source in the food and drugstore sector was updated. This resulted in many important changes such as new and changed fields, codes and instructions, as well as removed, modified and added validations. 

If you’re an SRC-PIM On-Premise customer, you are already familiar with the impact of this. Your PIM solution is not supported online, so an SRC consultant will come on site to update your systems to the latest market-conforming data models.

Could SaaS be interesting to you?

Many SRC-PIM customers already switched to our SaaS solution. The reasons are obvious: thanks to the online environment, you no longer have to worry about updates causing downtime. Also, SaaS customers do not have to request to have an update placed on their system: SRC ensures that all SRC software and data models are always up to date.

An On-Premise solution like yours requires a manual update and updating takes consultancy hours. As a SaaS customer you will not ever experience any downtime. Isn’t that something you would be interested in? Then make the switch from On Premise to SaaS now.