New SRC colleagues: Gabriella, Friso & Peter

In times of corona waves and lockdown, we welcomed three new colleagues to our development department at SRC. Peter, Gabriëlla, and Friso are now familiar faces to everyone, both virtually and in the office, so we would like to introduce you to them. What is their work at SRC, what gives them energy, and what was the start-up like during corona time? Read on quickly.

Hi Gabriella, Peter & Friso, would you like to start with a short introduction?

Gabriëlla: Hi, my name is Gabriëlla, I am 29 years old and have been living in Hoorn for 2 years now. I am married and proud mother of our son. I prefer to spend my free time with my family. I also love board games and gaming! In our house I am the person who games the most.

Peter:  Hi, my name is Peter, I am 51 years old, and I have many hobbies that keep me busy: walking, chess, painting, sculpting, graphic design, 3D printing, programming, photography, 3d animations, and filming with and without a drone.

Friso:  Hi, I’m Friso, I live in the northern part of North Holland with my wife and two children. In my spare time I like to play competitive darts, which unfortunately has hardly been possible in the past 2 years, and I like a game of squash. In addition, I have been a volunteer and board member at the local neighborhood association for many years.

Thank you for this short introduction, and it’s great that you’ve become our SRC colleagues. All three of you work in the development department, what do you do there?

Peter: As a developer, I work at SRC on further expansion of the software.

Friso:  I am a Software Developer, together with the other colleagues within the team I work on improving and expanding the PIM system.

Gabriëlla: I work at SRC as a Software tester. I test the quality of the software and the new functionalities. I check as it were, whether Peter & Friso have done their job well 😉

You ended up at SRC during the full lockdown period, how was that for you?

Gabriëlla: Fortunately, when I started in November ’21, I was able to start at the office, but that didn’t last long. A full lockdown was already underway. That made it quite difficult to get to know your colleagues and the company. I have noticed that SRC is one big happy family! Everyone has been extremely supportive during the familiarization process and the period when we had to work from home. Colleagues were easy to approach, so I never felt left out.

Peter: I liked how SRC prioritized our health and safety, I thought that was very good. Not because it was imposed on us, but because how employees wished to deal with it were listened to.
Work continued during corona, regardless of where someone is, apparently that didn’t matter that much. To be honest, I had never experienced that before, and working from home is nice for programming. I have no distraction then.

Friso: Starting a new company in the middle of a lockdown period is quite a challenge. Fortunately, I was able to be at the office regularly for the first few weeks, so I already got to know a number of colleagues. But pretty soon SRC switched (again) to working completely from home.

Technically working from anywhere is possible, but having a taste of the atmosphere and culture in a company is very different when working from home. In addition, I also like social contact, and working with Teams is not the same for me.

How did you end up in the job you do now? How did you end up at SRC?


Before SRC I worked as a Software tester at the company Chipsoft. They make software for the medical world (EPD). Some time ago I was approached with the question if I wanted to work closer to home. That piqued my interest. I also ended up at Chipsoft because I myself have a healthcare background and Chipsoft was looking for people with medical knowledge who wanted to work as testers! After the first conversation, there was an immediate click! This is how my “test” career started.


Before SRC I was more into the industrial side of software-hardware control, and also some engineering, design, and medical visualizations, so I’m handy. I could choose between a number of jobs, I chose SRC because working on technology that was new to me appeals to me.


Throughout my working career, I have worked within IT in various roles and positions such as programmer, architect, manager of both development and operational management departments, and scrum master/product owner.

You can say that IT is my hobby and passion.

What drives me is to devise and create solutions for users that make them happy and that they can do their work better, or more pleasantly. For this, it is also important to be able to delve into the content.

In recent years I was less and less able to express this passion in my work at the time and my fingers started itching to be able to really contribute again. Then I decided to look further into a place where I could do this again.

SRC came across my path in this search. It is a relatively small company but one where a lot happens. This also means that you do not only have one specific role but also make your contribution in other areas. I can apply my accumulated experience in the various IT departments well in this.

How do you envision your future at SRC? What gives you the energy to work here?


As a developer, you usually go for the puzzle and the eureka experience and have fun when everything works in a logical way.

In addition, you get energy from working together even if it was in quarantine time, we used Teams a lot, and have nice contact with each other. For now, I focus mainly on programming, but I also find it interesting to think about how something works from a user perspective, and what improvements are possible.


SRC offers me a lot of challenges. For my personal development as well as for the developments taking place within the company. SRC does not stand still and that motivates me.


SRC is a down-to-earth no-nonsense company and that suits me fine.  SRC also has beautiful ambitious plans. This also includes the necessary IT challenges and innovations. And I think that with my knowledge and experience I can make a good contribution here.

Thank you Friso, Gabriëlla, and Peter for a glimpse into the development kitchen of SRC. We wish you a lot of fun in your SRC career! Are you looking for a new challenge? Then take a look at the vacancies at SRC.