Feature spotlight: Portal

All the information you need, delivered according to the data model you created.

What does a PIM portal functionality do? SRC PIM’s portal functionality allows you to gatekeep the product information you would like to receive from your suppliers or customers. You are in control of your data, at the source.

No data model or standardization body in place? Do you have to deal with dozens of suppliers, each with their own way of sharing data, use different formats, and none use the same characteristics?

Or do you have to manage franchisers who run local offerings they would like to sell in addition to the labels’ standard portfolio? Or do you need more information than what’s to be found in, for instance, the GS1 data pool?

Feature spotlight: Portal
Feature spotlight: Portal

In all these circumstances a PIM portal could be the solution you are looking for. Have your suppliers upload, update and complete the product data in your own supplier-, retailer- or partner portal, where you are in control of the type and format of the required data! Only when the data complies with your rules, products are accepted and uploaded to your backend. Your product information is clean as a whistle. You remain in control of what information needs to be communicated and how it needs to be communicated.

With the transmitted information, you can get to work.

  • Save valuable time
  • Maximize data quality from the source
  • Seamless integration into the internal process

Portal functionality, the name says it all, it’s a place where data can be entered into a portal. But it is also a place where the recipient of the data can manage what data can be put into it.

As the portal owner, you can:

  • Manage supplier and their users
  • Validate provided data
  • Accept/reject items
  • Synchronize data with internal systems or an internal catalog

Suppliers then can:

  • Create and manage their own items
  • Upload digital assets
  • Validate the data provided

And do so against the rules of their customer who thus purchases the portal functionality from SRC. Organizing a portal for your suppliers is the way to ensure that your suppliers apply data exactly how YOU want it. And it can also be used the other way around, so you can deliver the data to your customers through the portal, where customers can then retrieve the data.

If you would like to have more information on our Portal Functionality, download the leaflet, join our webinar or contact us at sales@src.eu.

Feature spotlight: Portal