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Makaira is the shop system-independent frontend platform and consists of various modules that can be expanded according to your needs. All can be quickly and easily integrated into your shop system – we replace the complex front end of the existing shop system with our MACH+ technology. A modern storefront with a flexible design gives your shop a makeover with little effort. With the page builder, new landing pages can be created according to your ideas.

With the two modules menu and page editor, you can create a new landing page with personalized content in no time at all. These are integrated into the shop at the push of a button. The headless commerce development workflow also allows you to bring new elements to life even faster and accelerate your time to market. This means that individual pages or gradually all the content of your shop system can be built directly in the Makaira CMS via the Makaira front end.

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Available modules

Search & Filter is a module with which you can control the search, boosted dynamically, using the search term and key figures of your shop.

You can also control the filter display via the intuitive Makaira interface. The prepared templates make it easier than ever to adapt the output to your design.

With Recommendations, you can recommend products to your customers: similar products as alternatives, suitable products as supplements, or even top products and special offers. With promotions, particularly important products can be put in the foreground and advertised with banners. Search and filters can be adapted to suit your shop. This is how customers find what they are really looking for.

A/B testing to try different variations to find out which ones respond better to your customers. Machine learning is used to evaluate what the customer expects and to play it out automatically. This further improves the user experience.

Smart Bundles let you create bundles based on various criteria. With the bundles, you increase the shopping cart and reduce returns, since only suitable products can be placed in the shopping cart.


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SRC’s & Makaira E-Commerce Talk: PIM Challenges in E-Commerce Projects

On Makaira’s E-Commerce Talk, Tim Grootendorst, Sales Manager at SRC, spoke to Til Dreyer, Makaira’s Head Of Professional Services.
Til & Tim discussed how PIM can act as the foundation for great success in E-Commerce and how to combine PIM and headless commerce into a strong asset for your organization.

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