PIM for Wholesalers

PIM for Wholesalers

Wholesalers are caught in the middle. On the one hand, retailers are demanding near-perfect product data to feed their end-customers never ending appetite for information. On the other, suppliers are doing the best they can to deliver their product information in a variety of formats and via a variety of sources.

As a wholesaler, making an understanding of what you’re receiving from your suppliers can be hard. You have the responsibility to gather all relevant product information and magically process and publish this to any customer in the world. 

That’s where SRC’s product data excellence platform comes in. To simplify these processes, our platform offers three solutions tailored to the wholesaler.  

First, we offer a portal functionality in which you can determine what the data model should be and what fields your suppliers should populate. This way, you are in the driving seat when it comes to the information you receive and how you receive it.  

Second, if you would still have suppliers not willing or able to use the portal, use the field hierarchy functionality. Set in stone which source of information ranks higher in credibility and have SRC PIM automatically create a golden record. One, shiny data set for every product in your offering, with all the right information in it, all the time.  

Thirdly, export your product information to any customer, national or international, in their preferred way. Whether it’s via a data pool, API-call, Excel-export, XML-file, or another way, we can provide you with that functionality.


Going through thousands of products your suppliers provided. With SRC’s product data excellence platform, you only receive the products you need, imported in any format.


Missing or incorrect product information is a showstopper. Validate any incoming and self-produced product information against your own and the markets data standards and business rules and export a quality report for your supplier.


Have your suppliers import their product information through your own built client portal, set up with the right business rules, to generate the product information you and your end customers require.


Publish your product information to any source and any format necessary, nationally and internationally. Export to ERP, Excel or XML or send your product data to a data pool, web shop, or through an API.


PIM for Wholesalers

For a wholesaler like Intergamma, with thousands of suppliers delivering product information that needs to be sent to their own retail concepts, using GS1 DAS and PIM was indispensable.


PIM for Wholesalers

Managing your data is all about collecting, enriching, processing, publishing, and validating. These four must-have PIM features will help you do that:


PIM for Wholesalers

Not only should your product information be up-to-date, but your digital assets such as imagery, video, manuals, and others as well. How? Easy: our Digital Asset Management module for PIM.

Albert Heijn, Etos en Gall&Gall maken al jaren naar volle tevredenheid gebruik van SRC-PDM en de ondersteuning van SRC.

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