PIM for Retailers

PIM for Retailers

Delivering the right product information through the right channel at the right time. Every retailer knows it’s the biggest challenge of the moment. You wouldn’t buy a wrongly labeled product or one lacking any product information at all, and neither will your customers. Customers expect to know everything about a product, whether it’s in a physical shop or online. Failing to meet customer demand costs businesses tremendous amounts of money.  

Throughout the supply chain product information gets amassed amongst a variety of sources and in lots of different formats: Excel- or XML-files exported from any supplier’s ERP, data pools such as GS1, PSinfood, 2BA and so on. It is easy to get overwhelmed trying to organize your product information processes.

SRC’s PIM system has just the solution. Thanks to custom hierarchies, it’s easy to structure all product information and blend it into one golden record, one correct source of truth for all your customers to enjoy. Have your suppliers provide you with the right product information through your own custom product information portal where you set the rules, not your suppliers.  

In a world where the fight for the customers attention is tougher than ever, you can make the difference by offering the best product data experience to your audience. Deliver the right information at the right time to the right audience and grow your business.  


Receive and filter only those products and the content you need.


Receiving data from different sources merging into one golden record.


Syndicate product information according to channel, for the ultimate product experience.


Implement your own data model and let your suppliers validate product information against it.


PIM for Retailers

Processing product information manually is time-consuming and prone to errors. Learn how you can improve efficiency by processing product information automatically with PIM.


PIM for Retailers

Cooperation in the supply chain is key if you as a retailer want to receive great product information and streamline your processes. In this blog, we expand on how our PIM & EDI solutions can help you achieve product data & transactional excellence.


PIM for Retailers

Retailer Intergamma, with concepts such as GAMMA and KARWEI, had the challenge of receiving correct product information from thousands of suppliers. PIM and GS1-DAS turned out to be the perfect solution.

The demand for high-quality data grew ever larger and we soon realized our spreadsheet with products with over 300 values was turning into a risk factor. In order to remain prepared for the future, we had to take action. So that’s what we did.
– Nedac Sorbo Mascot

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