PIM for Manufacturing

PIM for Manufacturing

Are your customers demanding near-perfect product information, and is it your responsibility to gather, process and deliver them with all the details they need? Finding and gathering the right product information, even within your own organization, can be quite the struggle. Controlling and maintaining that information is even harder. 

Finding that your product information doesn’t match with the data standard the market agreed upon? Create your own desired data model and implement workflows to process and enrich your data and have your product data validated before it is sent out to the market. 

Share your data First Time Right. Deliver product data excellence to multiple markets and channels all from your one single source of truth, your PIM system. Whether that’s via a data pool, GS1, ETIM or other, or through Excel or an API connection, it’s all possible from with the touch of a button in SRC’s PDE platform. 

Your customers will be ever grateful for delivering them with the tools they need to make a substantiated purchase. For you as a manufacturer, fewer returned orders and satisfied customers show a clear business case for product excellence. 

PIM for Manufacturing


Source product information from all internal and external parties, in a variety of formats, to come to one perfect record: your single source of truth.

PIM for Manufacturing


Using our standardization, de-duplication and validation tools, you’re ensured of getting the highest data quality that serves as a basis for further enrichment of your product information. 

PIM for Manufacturing


Improve your product information by setting up your own product information process within the organization.

PIM for Manufacturing


Export your perfectly crafted product information directly to your web shop, your customer’s supplier portal, an ERP or a format of your choice.

PIM for Manufacturing


Using SRC’s Product Data Excellence platform, your product information will be validated against your own business rules and the current market data standards.

Use case

PIM for Manufacturing

Plastics manufacturer Martens wanted to both publish & validate their product information according to GS1 and ETIM standards.


PIM for Manufacturing

How to implement a PIM system successfully in your business? Follow the 8 steps we describe in our blog.


PIM for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are often asked to publish product information to the GS1 data pool. How does that work exactly?

Different customers ask different information: our DIY customers want to know the size of the package, and the weight of it. Our installation customers want to know how many pieces are in the package. SRC’s PIM system delivers our product information to both of them flawlessly through GS1 and ETIM.
– Martens kunststoffen.

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