The Best PIM-systems

On this page we will show you a comparison of several PIM systems. We want to help you make the best choice for your organisation.

Why are we showing a comparison of PIM systems? 

Selecting the right Product Information Management (PIM) system is a crucial decision that can have a significant impact on your operations. There are numerous options available, each with its own strengths and limitations. Fortunately, there are established organisations like Gartner, which provide insightful analysis and assessments of these systems to support you when deciding. First, let’s take a look at how to select the best PIM systems and then we will go into some of the leading systems and their advantages. 

Our goal at SRC is to help you choose the best PIM system for your situation, even if that means ultimately opting for a different solution. We understand that every company is unique and that what works for one company is not necessarily the best solution for another. Therefore we wish to help you determine which PIM system offers the right balance between functionality, ease of use, price and other important factors. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss all the ins-and-outs and opt for the solution that suits you best. 

Selection Criteria 

Selecting a PIM system depends on the following factors: 

  • Size and complexity of product offerings 
  • Integrations with other systems 
  • User-friendliness of the interface 
  • Level of customer service and support 
  • Budget at your disposal 

Choose a system that best suits your specific needs and objectives. You achieve this through thorough research, trying out demos and evaluating the reviews and experiences of current users. 

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PIM System Benefits and Disadvantages

We have listed the unique features and pros and cons of some of these software products for you. Note that the list of advantages and disadvantages can vary depending on a company’s specific needs and situation. It is recommended that a comprehensive analysis is carried out before choosing a PIM system.

Gartner ratings

Gartner is a globally recognised organisation that provides in-depth analysis and assessments of technology solutions. Their reports are a frequent source of information for companies looking for technology solutions. Let’s look at some of the PIM systems that have been rated by Gartner. Gartner has a database which can be filtered according to different industries and company sizes. This database mentions the names below, among others. 

  • Akeneo
  • STEP
  • SAP
  • Salsify
  • InRiver
  • PimCore
  • ContentServ
  • Bluestone PIM


Akeneo is a popular PIM system known for its user-friendliness and flexibility. It offers a wide range of features, including bulk editing, import and export tools and support for PHP. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Support for PHP 
  • Extended features 


  • Too sophisticated for many companies 
  • Costs are sometimes higher than alternatives 

Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP)

STEP is another leading PIM system and is known for having powerful data management tools. The software helps companies work more efficiently by ensuring data integrity and accuracy. 


  • Offers data management tools 
  • Supports data integrity 
  • Improves business efficiency 


  • Complexity of implementation 
  • High learning curve for users


Informatica is all about scalability and reliability. It is a good choice for large companies with an extensive product catalogue, but it comes at a higher cost than other options.


  • Consistent and reliable 
  • Comprehensive functionalities 
  • Highly scalable


  • Possibly unsuitable for smaller companies 
  • Higher costs than other options 


The PIM systems offered by SAP are known for their integration capabilities with other SAP products. This is a major advantage for companies already using other SAP software. SAP offers a diversity of different PIM systems, with different solutions for every industry and company size. But be aware: it’s quite complex to implement.


  • Support from an established brand 
  • Extensive integration possibilities with SAP software 
  • Reliable performance and consistency 


  • Complex to implement 
  • Relatively expensive compared to other systems 


Salsify’s PIM system is popular for its cloud-based approach and flexible APIs that ensure easy integration with other systems. 


  • Scalable cloud-based solution 
  • Flexible APIs for easy integration 
  • Strong content management functionality 


  • Can be complex for non-technical users 
  • Higher costs compared to some competitors 
  • Less suitable for companies without strong IT support 


The PIM system offered by InRiver is a strong, user-friendly system with a focus on product marketing and merchandising. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Strong focus on product marketing and merchandising 
  • Good support and community 


  • Less extensive integration capabilities than some competitors 
  • Can be expensive for smaller companies 
  • Implementation can be complex 


Pimcore’s PIM system is open source, making it a flexible and customisable choice for businesses. 


  • Open source and highly customisable 
  • Good integration with other systems 
  • No licence fees


  • Requires technical knowledge to implement and customise 
  • Less standardised support due to open source nature 
  • May take more time and resources to implement than commercial products


Contentserv offers a strong PIM system with a focus on providing an end-to-end experience. 


  • Comprehensive, end-to-end functionality 
  • Good integration with other systems 
  • Strong workflow management capabilities 


  • Can be complex to implement 
  • Interface may be less intuitive compared to some competitors 
  • Can be expensive for smaller companies 

Bluestone PIM

Bluestone PIM is a cloud-based PIM system aimed at e-commerce companies. 


  • Strong in supporting multiple languages and currencies. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Good API for integrations


  • More limited functionalities compared to some competitors. 
  • Smaller community, which may lead to less third-party support. 


At present, SRC has chosen NOT to be assessed by Gartner. However, this does not affect our PIM solutions and says nothing about the quality and effectiveness of what we offer. Gartner is just one source of information, and there are many other ways to evaluate the value of a PIM system. 

At SRC, we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering a high-quality, reliable and user-friendly PIM system. Our customers appreciate the versatility and efficiency of our solution, as well as the excellent customer service and support we provide. 


  • The system ensures that product data always complies with global standards such as GDS, GS1, PS in foodservice and 2BA ETIM. 
  • The PIM system offered by SRC ensures data consistency by acting as a single source of truth for all product information in the organisation. This reduces errors and conflicts in product data. 
  • SRC provides constant data validation to ensure data is always correct, thereby reducing erroneous data exchange. 
  • SRC’s Product Data Excellence platform provides tools for collecting, processing, enriching and sharing product information, thereby ensuring that the process of product data management is efficient and streamlined. 


  • As with any PIM system, there are initial implementation costs and staff training costs. 
  • Full implementation and optimisation of a PIM system may take some time to complete. 
  • While the PIM system helps to update and maintain data, it is necessary to perform regular updates to ensure that the system continues to meet changing market needs. Fortunately, SRC does this entirely on the back end, so the customer does not experience any problems.  

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Best PIM-systems + Gartner Ratings EN NEW v2