PIM SOFTWARE: Achieve & maintain Product data excellence every step of the way 

Good, reliable product information is at the core of what we do. Wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers are confronted with increased demand for great product information and the customer’s demand for a perfect product experience. 

With our product information management (PIM) solution, SRC aims at providing every organization in the value chain with the right tools to fulfill this challenge. 

Quality comes first, that’s why SRC’s PIM is always compliant with market data standards issued by for instance GDS, GS1, PS in foodservice, and 2BA ETIM.

In SRC’s PIM, new data models are quickly processed and always kept up to date, allowing customers to publish product information globally.

True to our ‘First Time Right’ principle, our customer’s product data information will always be validated in order to be compliant with the applicable market standards before publishing to the market. Your PIM will soon become the entire organization’s single source of truth for all your product information.


PIM solutions



Is your product information scattered across the organization and are you missing one centralized source of truth, where both your product managers, logistics department and marketeers can fill in the right content for every product? 



Are your suppliers providing product information in all possible formats, and there is no way to keep all of the provided information under control, while your customers are demanding perfection?  



No buying decision in 2021 is made by a customer without getting the right product information at the right time in the right way. Having trouble providing your customers with the right product experience?   



Are you a food or beverage manufacturer looking to publish your product information cross-channel? Or a retailer looking to streamline the data input process through our portal functionality?



Looking to use ETIM to publish or receive product data to the 2BA or InstallData data pool? Have a look at our PIM solutions for the DIY, Building & Construction industrieses.



Are you a health organization struggling to keep control over thousands of articles? Or are you required to comply to MDR or LIR? Have a look at our PIM solutions for the health industry.   

PIM Features

Our core PIM

Starting off with a blank piece of paper, our PIM can be adapted to suite your every need. Start gathering the information from all corners of your organization and put them in your one source of truth: your PIM.  

PIM & Workflow

Marketeers will add digital assets, logistics managers add packaging dimensions and product owners add product specifications. Easily process all of this information by using the workflow module.

In-PIM Validation

Product Data Excellence means having your information validated every step of the way, whether it’s compared to your own custom data model, your customers’ or the markets’. Have your information right, every time, everywhere.


Frustrated with suppliers not providing the information you need? Design your own PIM portal.

Have your suppliers fill in the product information you need, in the format you need.

PIM Reference cases

Nedac Sorbo

Nedac Sorbo Mascot is specialized in sourcing, developing, and distributing non-food concepts. In order to keep up with their increasing number of products, Nedac Sorbo went from a spreadsheet
to fully-fledged PIM system in 18 months.


Intergamma is the organization behind the do-it-yourself formulas GAMMA and KARWEI. Confronted with tons of suppliers delivering product information in all sizes and formats, Intergamma decided to adopt PIM to receive and process all product information via the GS1 DAS data pool.


Martens is a leader in several sectors: plastic, concrete and ceramic building materials. For publication of their product information according to GS1 and ETIM, Martens relies on PIM.

Global brands rely on SRC’s PIM