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PIM Software

Optimize processes with a PIM system

PIM is an abbreviation for Product Information Management, an online tool or software which allows you to manage product information from one location. All your product information is processed and stored only once, and through PIM distributed to other channels like your website and online shop.

The primary task of a PIM system is to keep large amounts of complex information manageable. Our PIM system is integrated with other systems of your organisation, such as the ERP system, and collects all product information from these systems for storage at a central location. With a PIM system you create a ‘single-source-of-truth’ that is always up to date.

Why SRC?

More than 30 years of experience

An integrated, in-house built software

Always up-to-date with current data standards

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The quality of product data is of the utmost importance to every stakeholder in the value chain. We help companies to gain full control of their product information so that every department, every user, every customer & partner always has access to the right information at the right time. Validated data according to market standards and/or user-specific requirements we enable our partners to maximize data quality and achieve & maintain Product Data Excellence.

Our approach



Intake, together we look at what you are up against with your business and whether SRC can do something about it.


Tailored planning

Our specialists come visit your department to fine-tune the right plan for your organization



After a presentation of our plan, we get to work configuring our SAAS solution for you. Of course only after you have given your full approval.



Our solution is commissioned in your organization. The first few days our specialist runs with you and we provide training for all personnel involved



Evaluate and adjust. We are always available for questions, challenges you encounter and possible adjustments. So that you are unburdened and our system adapts to your daily business.

PIM Software

What our customers say

PIM Software

“We went to SRC for one solution and they offered a whole range of benefits that exceeded our expectations. They are able to see the bigger picture and additional benefits of the solutions they offer.”

PIM Software

“We experienced our cooperation during the implementation phase as very pleasant. SRC listens well to our challenges and provides quick feedback.”

PIM Software

“A very good system. Purchase orders are easily and automatically forwarded to the vendors.”

Why PIM?

The most important functionalities of a PIM system are the processing, enrichment and publication of product information. In addition to commercial product specifications, this system also records logistical data, compliance data and digital assets. For example packaging dimensions, ingredients and prices, as well as product images and descriptions. The SRC-PIM system can cooperate with various other systems, such as the ERP system mentioned earlier, but also warehouse management systems and data pools like GS1. Thus, with our PIM system you always have complete control over all your data.We are happy to show you how to easily manage this on your own.


Unique PIM system

The basic PIM system stores your product information in a central location and enables easy distribution to other channels. SRC also offers various add-ons to make your information flow even more efficient. For example we offer a workflow configurator, as well as add-ons for the integration of data models, API integration, a portal functionality and a connection with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. We can also develop customised plug-ins.

Our cloud solution is unique, because it fully supports the frequently used data models (GDSN, GS1, 2BA, ETIM and PSinfood), as well as your company-specific data models.

Any company that has to process product information on a regular basis will benefit from our PIM system. Whether you are a retailer, work in the food and beverage industry, or operate in the construction and installation sector, a PIM system helps you keep your product data up-to-date, accurate and complete. With the help of our (customised) plug-ins, the system can be adapted to the needs of your company. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know exactly how to respond to this to achieve your goals.

Curious about the endless possibilities?

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PIM Software