SRC now is certified 2BA Premium Software partner

As of this week, SRC can officially call itself SRC 2BA Premium Software partner. Congratulations to our development team and in particular Henk Baas, who has put a lot of time and effort into this. With this certification, SRC System Integrators confirms its commitment to optimizing data quality processes in the construction and installation industry.

On June 10, 2021 we received the redeeming message from 2BA: “We can conclude that with SRC-PIM with the exchange format DICO (SALES005) you have achieved the premium partnership!”. As a Premium Partner of 2BA, SRC showed that we can meet the data needs of the data customers and that we have been tested with test datasets on:

  • the currently valid exchange formats DICO
    • and corresponding correct mapping to the 2BA data pool
  • the current data needs of our joint customers
  • ETIM classification (dynamic)

Also, the existing 2BA test dataset was improved after some deficiencies were discovered on the SRC side.

What has been achieved?
Data exchange between applications of PIM software partners and the 2BA data pool is tested annually against the criteria applicable at that time. The test consists of the complete and correct processing of a data file supplied by 2BA. This guarantees that a data supplier with the application of the 2BA PIM Premium Software Partner is technically able to achieve the highest score on the 2BA Label data quality.

The criteria or 2021:

  • Support of at least one current exchange format and associated mapping to the 2BA data pool
  • Support of the ETIM classification (including ETIM dynamic)
  • Support of ETIM-MC for the open Uniform Object Library

About 2BA
The mission of 2BA is: ‘To collect, validate, manage and distribute high-quality product and related trade data for various market segments such as the installation industry, construction, system integrators, machine builders and the maritime sector’.

2BA is involved in maintaining, managing and operating the uniform article database for various sectors, of which the installation sector is currently the largest. The organization strives for a file for all products within the total target group. The starting point for the activities is the uniform (ETIM) classification and communication structures that ‘Keten Standaard’ develops and maintains.

The independent company 2BA aims to make this product information available both within and outside the installation sector. Through a subscription, companies can use product and related trade data in their business operations. The 2BA data pool can be consulted via the internet and has a very extensive search system, called Unifeed. This allows you to search for a (part of a) product name, a (part of a) type number, specific product characteristics, supplier, order number, GTIN number (v/h EAN) or producer. This makes electronic ordering of products much more efficient and faster.