SRC & DIN Solutions optimize the order process for Beverages and Food Wholesalers

SRC System Integrators & DIN Solutions join their efforts. For our joint relations and the relations of DIN Solutions that use DIN Beverages or DIN Food for Microsoft Dynamics, SRC & DIN have developed a link to automatically send orders from Microsoft Dynamics to the connected suppliers on SRC’s E-businessnet solution.

E-businessnet was created to easily and quickly exchange electronic messages between wholesalers and suppliers in the Dutch food sector. More than 135 suppliers and 300 wholesalers are already connected via E-businessnet.

Currently, wholesalers have two possibilities to send ORDERS to suppliers on E-businessnet:


Wholesalers can enter ORDERS manually via a web portal on the condition that the supplier publishes its article data to E-businessnet via the GS1DAS data pool, so that the article data becomes visible for manual orders via the web portal.

Direct link

A second option consists of implementing ORDERS via a direct link with E-businessnet, whereby wholesalers supply XML or CSV ORDERS from their own system, after which E-businessnet converts these into the Edifact order message as suppliers wish to receive.

It is important to note that the possibility to implement ORDERS via direct link has not only been developed for DIN Solutions. E-businessnet can also be linked with other ERP systems.

SRC Systems Integrators & DIN Solutions

The added value of the cooperation between SRC & DIN Solutions lies in the simplified way of submiting ORDERS via the direct link. DIN Solutions users can therefore automatically deliver orders from DIN Beverages or DIN Food to SRC for the affiliated E-businessnet suppliers. The link that has been developed for this purpose can also be used in joint relationships where the order process is currently still manual. By means of the link module this process can be converted to a direct link.

In addition, relations of DIN Solutions who do not yet use E-businessnet can immediately start using the direct link. The advantage being that the order can be sent automatically from Microsoft Dynamics. The wholesaler no longer has to manually transfer the order from the ERP environment to the E-businessnet web portal.

Do you use DIN Food or DIN Drinks, and do you want to get started with the SRC link right away? Then contact the sales department of DIN Solutions via or call 043 – 604 90 80.