Newsletter – June ’22

Time flies by and May is now behind us. For many also a month of vacation, we hope everyone has refueled for the last sprint to summer. With this newsletter we provide an update on the activities of the past few weeks. Would you like to be immediately informed of the latest news? Follow us on LInkedIn!

In this edition:

PIM Webinar ‘Poor data quality is costly’
E-Commerce talk ‘PIM challenges in E-commerce projects’ with Makaira
Partnership with Channel Engine
And more…

In the coming weeks we will be organizing a number of webinars and meetings in collaboration with some of our partners. Check out the event calendar and sign up!
The last newsletter for the summer will be published on Tuesday 5 July.


Newsletter – June ’22

Webinar – Poor data quality is costly

Are you struggling with achieving optimal data quality within your organization? Achieving Product Data Excellence is one thing, but maintaining it can be an even more difficult task. Did you know that, according to research by Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $12.9 million annually?

Poor data quality not only leads to poor decision-making but also affects your production processes, your customer reputation, and ultimately your revenue and profitability.

Find out in this webinar how to:
easily avoid pitfalls;
create ‘one single source of truth’ for your organization;
and how and where to start.

Curious to learn more? Watch the webinar recording here.

Newsletter – June ’22

SRC partners with ChannelEngine

SRC System Integrators is partnering with ChannelEngine. This direct link between SRC’s PIM solution and ChannelEngine syndication tooling, allows SRC’s customers to syndicate their product information seamlessly to millions of customers through the largest marketplaces in the world such as Amazon,, Wehkamp, eBay, and so on.

Read more about this partnership here!

Newsletter – June ’22

E-Commerce Talk: PIM challenges in E-commerce projects

Earlier this month Makaira and SRC entered into a partnership. Makaira offers a ‘headless CMS’ solution that functions independently from the shop system and provides a simple user interface. PIM, as a solution, provides the various feeds with the correct product information. What challenges do we face there together?

In this E-commerce talk, we discussed how PIM can serve as the foundation of success in E-Commerce and how PIM and headless commerce can be combined for the benefit of your organization.

Listen here to the recording.

PIM Expert blog: Custom data models

In our latest blog, we discussed the standard data models of SRC-PIM. Besides these SRC-PIM standard data models, a company can create its own “custom” data model.
This custom data model can be stand-alone or an add-on to one of the standard data models.

Read all about it in our latest blog.

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