Morssinkhof Group goes for perfect product data flow

In the construction and installation sector, the call for the exchange of correct product information is becoming louder and louder. Morssinkhof Group, a manufacturer of concrete civil engineering and ornamental paving products and supplier of paving stones and facing bricks, wants to meet this requirement and also wants more than that. With great ambitions in the field of product information, Morssinkhof Groep confidently opted for the PIM solution from SRC.

The market demands product information via the GS1 data pool

The demand for correct product information comes from the market, says Manager of Information Provision and Digital Transformation, Tom Visser: “We received an urgent request from our customers to supply our product information via the GS1 data pool. With the PIM system that we used, we were unable to efficiently link our ERP system to the GS1 data pool. We always want to be able to send our information to the market perfectly validated and correct, and thanks to SRC this is now possible.”. That is why Morssinkhof Group signed the PIM SaaS agreement with SRC in June 2022.

The first phase of the implementation has now been completed: Morssinkhof Groep has the entire catalog available in SRC PIM. Twenty thousand product items are retrieved from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, checked via SRC PIM, and validated before being sent to the GS1 data pool.

In this way, the Morssinkhof Groep avoids a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth with GS1 and saves a lot of hours and money. This is for both the Netherlands and Belgium.

The PIM system as a single source of truth

“In SRC PIM it is possible to integrate any data model and then validate data. After the GS1 data model, Morssinkhof Groep will also adopt the ETIM data model in SRC PIM so that they can publish to 2BA without any problems,” says Tim Grootendorst, Sales Manager at SRC. “In this way, the SRC PIM system becomes the tool for Morssinkhof Group in which all product information is available to the entire market, as the single source of truth. Both for the installer, wholesaler, contractor, or hardware store. In other words, the entire construction and installation sector.”

Morssinkhof Group goes for perfect product data flow

Ecommerce, product images & DAM

Morssinkhof Groep’s ambitions extend beyond publication to the data pools of GS1 and 2BA. That is why it was decided to purchase the DAM extension from SRC in addition to SRC PIM. DAM stands for Digital Asset Management and includes all digital files that can belong to a product: from images, and video, to 3D drawings, guarantee certificates, or the supplied instruction booklet.

These files can in turn be sent to the data pool, but also directly to the PIM systems of the customers such as Intergamma, as well as to the Morssinkhof webshop.

With twenty thousand items in the catalog, this amounts to more than 1 terabyte of data, quite a number. Morssinkhof expects to start using the DAM catalog in January 2023. In time, the existing PIM is expected to be expanded with API links, a supplier portal, blending functionality, and syndication to marketplaces. More on that later, no doubt.

More SRC PIM SaaS for the construction and installation industry

In addition to the Morssinkhof Group, SRC can also count Martens Kunststoffen, Intergamma, and Houtgroep Van Drimmelen as satisfied customers in the construction and installation sector.

SRC offers PIM as a SaaS solution: Software-as-a-Service. The advantages of SaaS are numerous: your software is always available and easy to access via your internet browser. You do not experience any downtime with new functionalities or updates and no installer or consultant has to come on-site. And in the case of SRC, it is important to know that updates to data standards are therefore also carried out silently in your backend.

Would you like to know more about the countless possibilities that SRC’s PIM can offer you? Contact us at or 0229 233 154.

About Morssinkhof Group

Every day you walk past the products of Morssinkhof Group or drive over them. In the city and your own neighborhood. There is a good chance that the paving stones, pavement tiles, and concrete tires in your street are from Morssinkhof Infra. They are produced at one of our five production locations. The tiles on your roof and the facing bricks of your house could well be from Brinkman Brick Center and the ornamental paving, garden wood, and artificial grass for laying out your garden are probably supplied by TuinVisie. The materials you use to do odd jobs on your home or to decorate your garden are supplied by Decor Son to DIY stores, among others. All these companies are part of the Morssinkhof Group.

Morssinkhof Group is a developer, producer, and seller of concrete infrastructure products and a wide collection of ornamental paving.

About SRC System Integrators

SRC System Integrators is a supplier of EDI and PIM solutions for the B2B market, targeting the retail, food, DIY, and healthcare industries in Europe.

Good, reliable product information is at the heart of what we do. Quality comes first, which is why SRC-PIM always meets the market data standards of GDSN, GS1 Food, GS1 DIY, GS1 Health, PS in foodservice, and 2BA ETIM. We have more than 30 years of experience with this. For example, our customers’ product data is always validated to meet applicable market standards before being published to the market. We call that First Time Right.

SRC System Integrators is located in Hoorn, the Netherlands. We develop and implement our own high-end niche PIM software and serve SMEs, but also large international clients and A-brands such as PepsiCo and Ahold.

SRC System Integrators in numbers:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 30 employees
  • 500+ customers mainly active in Food, DIY, and Health
  • 100% GDSN, GS1, 2BA ETIM, and PS in food service compliant.
  • 12 million+ products in SRC-PIM
  • 3 million+ EDI transactions per year


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SRC System Integrators – Tim Grootendorst – Manager Sales & Marketing – – +31 (0)229 233 154